About Chiefs Cigars

We started Chiefs Cigars in order to make a difference in the way that cigars are made in general. We set out to find an alternative to the use of tobacco and nicotine, one that could give cigar aficionado's a safer option to choose from.

Next, we wanted to offer an object of peace that could be passed unto a friend or shared with others as a form of a peace offering.

White Buffalo
Calf Woman

As legend has it a beautiful woman dressed in pure white buckskin gave a gift of a small pipe made of red stone to Bull Walking Upright and his people. She taught them how to properly use and respect the pipe. The red of the pipe connected the people to the blood and flesh of the buffalo and other animals that fed them, while the smoke that rose from it during prayer connected them to the Great Spirit and carried their prayers up to him. The flame which glowed inside the pipe was to be passed from generation to generation, as were the seven sacred rituals which the holy woman gave to the people on this day.

Walk the Path
Respect Mother Earth

She left in a clockwise motion returning to where the sun sets. On top of the hill, she stopped and looked back, then rolled over and became a young beautiful black buffalo. The second time she was a red buffalo, then a yellow buckskin buffalo, and finally a white buffalo. The white buffalo represents change, it is time for us to come together and respect that change.